Power Tank
So what options do you have? Up until now your only options were to carry a large electric compressor like those used by construction contractors if you had a high amp AC outlet. Or you could stop by a truck stop and hope that they had a working air hose and ready access to it. If you were lucky you might find an RV service shop and bum air from them. Of course, if your tires are warm you’d just be guessing at what pressure you should be filling to.

No more. The RV Power Tank is a unique new air system designed specifically to tackle this problem and it does it in a compact, lightweight, and easily portable system. Advanced Air Systems, Inc. has been designing high performance on-board air systems for the automotive industry since 1997. We saw the huge need for a high performance air system in the RV industry and in 2002 the first RV Power Tank was borne.

You’ll find our RV Power Tank™ system amazingly fast and reliable. You’ll also find the RV Power Tank™ air system easy to use to maintain all of your tires to the correct pressures from your 7 p.s.i. quad tires to your 135 p.s.i. Class A motorhome tires.

This system is very unique. The information in our website should have the answers to all of your questions. If you do not find the answer to your question please email or call your question to us. When you're ready to order the fastest, easiest RV tire inflation system available give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you. (209) 366-2163 / Approved by RVSEF and tire manufacturers.
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