Block The Sun, Keep Your View

Block The Sun, Keep Your View from Sunguard Shade Products / RV Toy Store

2303 N Farrell Dr. Palm Springs, CA 92262

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Block up to 94% of the sun's heat, light and harmful UV rays. Protect your dash, front seats and curtains. Eliminate glare and cool the inside of your coach up to 40 degrees! Plus, you can see out and enjoy your view, yet your neighbors won't be able to see inside your RV! Now you can have total daytime privacy! SUNGUARD Exterior Windshield Covers will keep your windshield and front cockpit windows from heating up, so your RV stays far cooler inside! The exterior mount also protects the rubber molding around your windshield from sun rot. Custom tailored for your specific year, make and model RV. Installation is quick and easy--simple instructions included. Choose White, Tan, Gray, Brown or Black. Attach with snaps, twist-locks or Velcro. FREE Wiper-Savers and Storage Bag (a $47.90 value).

•Double-reinforced vinyl biding
•Stainless-Steel fasteners
•New "Finger-Loop" Pull-Tabs
•Made of high-quality "WOVEN" vinyl-coated polyester
•Not "stamped fiberglass" that gets brittle and tears
•Over 130,000 satisfied customers- since 1983
•100% made in USA
•12 year factory warranty



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