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Did you know that Smart Tiles are self-adhesive tiles and can be easily installed over any slick surfaces? Light and thin and flexible, they are perfect to revamp your RV! Easy Do-it-Yourself without the need of specialized tools.

SMART TILES : Our revolutionary and unique product is easy to install and saves you time and money. As simple as peel and stick Smart Tiles include an adhesive substrate topped with Gel-O™ which is what gives them their 3D effect. The product is so easy to handle, cut and maintain you will wonder why was not invented before! This is a product that is ideal for any homeowner, apartment tenants or RV! The tiles can be installed in minutes on a smooth and clean surface without the need for specialized tools. Specially designed for the kitchen and bathroom (for a backsplash for example), Smart Tiles are resistant to the heat of a stove and the humidity of bathrooms (do not use in the shower). Choose from a wide selection of mosaics.

• Simply peel and stick
• Guaranteed to stick to your walls
• No grout, no glue, no special tools and no dust
• Place on an existing tile backsplash or any smooth, clean surface
• Do it yourself and save

Smart Tiles are guaranteed to stick to your walls!

• Additional adhesive or sealant is not required.
• Smart bond allows repositioning of the tiles during installation.
• After applying pressure on the tiles, Smart Tiles will remain in place permanently.
• The adhesive will be fully welded to the surface after 48 hours.
• Smart Tiles will remain up as long as you like.

Our quality guarantee does not stop there. The colors are carefully chosen to match any decor. We also guarantee that the colors will not fade and will not yellow at any time on your walls!

More information about Smart Tiles, or contact David Genik or call 877-784-2733.


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