Global Xpedition Vehicles, Llc

Global Xpedition Vehicles, Llc

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Contact: Michael Van Pelt
1520 North Commercial Rd.
Nixa, MO 65714
By reading this, you have joined a rapidly growing segment of travelers that expanded their vision beyond ordinary traveling. Global Expedition Vehicles builds and sells one thing, the world’s finest off road Expedition Vehicles. Using a preferred chassis combined with our innovative Structural Composite Sandwich (SCS) panel bodies, marine grade components, and our passion for quality workmanship, our vehicles are designed to take you anywhere in the world you want to go, and bring you back.

You will run out of World before you run out of Truck

Our handcrafted vehicles are built to Last. Unlike some motor homes or traditional RV’s that are worn out after 100,000 miles, our all wheel drive extreme RV’s are only getting started.

RV’s Move Over! Or should we say, stay put?

While traditional travel vehicles are docked on a 12 12 concrete slab at an RV park, tied to an umbilical cord for survival, our world travel expedition vehicles are miles away. Our off-road vehicles are parked on secluded beaches in the Mediterranean, or under banana trees in South America.

See the world as few do with an Expedition Vehicle from GXV.

Totally Self Contained for Survival, Safety and Comfort

We build our vehicles to meet a number of criteria. Here are a few at the top of our list:
•Chassis strong enough to carry anything that you want to put on it
•Power enough to cruise at comfortable speeds
•Off road capabilities with high clearance to go over rugged terrain and take you places a regular camper will not.

•Locking differentials and gears to drive highway speeds or rock-crawl

•Large fuel storage for sustained camping

•Enough water and electricity storage to throw away that umbilical cord
•Luxurious home-like comforts
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