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Most vehicles on the road today are like rolling power plants, commonly generating from 60 to 200 amps of 12 volt power. As a result there have been countless products adapted or built specifically for operation using 12 volt power. Life on the road just isn't complete without a few great 12 Volt accessories from 12Volt-Travel®.

12Volt Coolers
We all need food and drink to keep us going and we can't stop every time we get hungry or thirsty. Having your own 12 volt cooler is the perfect solution. Our 12 volt thermoelectric coolers are just one of many great investments for people who spend a lot of time traveling; such as truck drivers, boat and RV owners. They also work great for sporting events and for keeping medication cool.

12Volt Refrigerators / Freezers
12Volt-Travel offers a large selection of 12 volt refrigerators and freezers many operate on wide range of voltages such as 12volt DC, 24 volt DC and 110 volt AC. All of our Engel and Summit Appliance DC fridge/freezers are approved for medical use. These units are capable of deep freezing for long periods of time and use little power doing so. This type of portable refrigerator freezer generally uses about half the power of a thermoelectric cooler.

12Volt Televisions
Take 12Volt-Travel with you! Enjoy your favorite TV shows & movies on one of our Amazing 12 Volt TV's! All of our 12 Volt LCD TV's are wall-mountable and all include a built-in digital tuner.

Our 12 Volt LCD HDTV's are manufactured by the highest standards, so you know that when you purchase one of our 12volt televisions, you are purchasing quality. Many of our 12 volt LCD TV's come with built-in DVD players(12v TV/DVD Combo) and all include features that are standard on modern televisions. Our 12volt televisions are lightweight and compact, so you can take them just about anywhere.

Don't take another trip before visiting 12Volt-Travel®
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