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Howes Lubricator is the leading manufacturer of diesel fuel additives and lubricants in the US and Canada. They offer a complete line of four season protection for your fuel system. Howes is the quality leader in the industry with service and guarantees to back them up. For more information call 1-800 GET HOWES.

Product Showcase

Howes Lubricator Premium Products

Howes Lubricator Premium Products

Diesel Treat Anti-Gel
Prevents diesel fuel from gelling in cold weather – GUARANTEED! It safely removes water, cleans and lubricates fuel injectors while increasing power and fuel economy.
Meaner Power Kleaner
Minimum 5% increase in fuel economy – GUARANTEED! Adds back the lubricity that is missing in ULSD. Cleans dirty injectors while increasing power and performance. Safely removes water and prohibits the environment that promotes microbial growth.
Multi-Purpose Lubricator and Penetrating Oil
Chosen by the pros, it outperforms the other brands by lubricating without evaporation and penetrating to leave a protective film that won’t attract dirt or dust. Safe to use on or around electrical wiring and any other surface. GUARANTEED to free rusted bolts! With over 1001 uses, the question is …. what can’t it do?
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