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Cleans & Protects Your RV - Inside and Out! WITHOUT A LADDER! Waterless Wash Wax ALL leaves an anti-static UV protective coating that repels dirt and moisture keeping your RV looking new.

Wash Wax ALL was originally developed 20 years ago for the aircraft industry, Wash Wax ALL has earned its reputation as an excellent waterless wash and wax for your RV and Motorhome, as well as for your car, boat and watercraft.

It is a multi-surface cleaner and wax, in one product. It can be used either of two ways; as a "waterless wash," by spraying it directly on the dirty surface, and then wiping it off; or it can be used as a "wax as you dry" product, where you spray the Wash Wax ALL on the wet surface as you dry, after a hose and bucket washing.

Biodegradable and water-based, while both alcohol and ammonia free; Wash Wax ALL is safe to use on all surfaces that are safe to water, such as paint, plastic, chrome, aluminum, stainless, fiberglass, gel coat, leather, vinyl, rubber, glass, granite and many more...

One stop shopping for all your aircraft, RV, car, and boat cleaning products and supplies.

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