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Royale Phoenix opened its doors in March of 2006 with over 40 years in the RV industry and high-line motor home conversions.

Royale Phoenix strives to;
Provide professional service to all makes and models of Motor homes. Specializing in the Prevost conversion chassis and the Royale Coach conversions.

Design and build new custom conversions using high quality materials for the interior and the latest technology for the electrical system. Producing a coach that is simple for the customer to use and maintain. Giving them piece of mind and maximum enjoyment. Built with serviceability in mind to keep cost and time of yearly maintenance to a minimum.

Work with existing owners who wish to upgrade or redesign the interior of their existing motor home.

Provide a source of information for other service centers that might be doing field work on a Royale Coach conversion.

Provide parts for existing Royale Coach Conversions and provide a parts source for all other conversion types.

Offer proto-type and design for existing or new converters.

Talk with us and find out how custom our service can be.

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