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We have 16 years in the business and we continue to grow, develop and provide our ozone products globally. Our ozonators are tried and true and our specialties are pools and spas. If you haven t explored our flexible ozone products that can be customized for your company now is the time. We ve got the "silver bullet" patented micro ozone cell that is truly the best in the world. We utilize a Corona Discharge ozone generator which uses less energy (no lamp, ballast or starter) than an ultraviolet generator which needs to be replaced. We have the ability to private label these ozonators to fit your needs giving you the branding your company deserves. Ozone has been around for decades but it took the innovative technology of Aqua Sun Ozone, International to create products that are perfectly adapted for today's residential, commercial, recreational and environmental needs. We pride ourselves in the best price, performance and customer service.

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