Loess Hills Innovations Inc.

Loess Hills Innovations Inc.

Phone 712-310-7187
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Contact: Wilson Forbes
1804 State Orchard Road
Council Bluffs, IA 51503
Have you ever witnessed an RV awning blowing off a camper or motorhome as it was traveling down the highway? Or worse yet, has it happened to you? Have you tried to prevent this nightmare by futily taping or strapping the awning arms together to keep the awning on? Why let the worry of loosing your awning spoil your vacation trip?

Our easy to use RV AWNING TRAVEL LOCK puts a steel pin into the awning roller so it can not turn and let the awning fabric unfurl while driving on the highway. Your existing awning rod is used to lock and unlock the awning lock from the ground. The RV AWNING TRAVEL LOCK is made of aluminum.The awning lock is fastened to the back side of the left awning rafter using the screws provided with the lock. Only one lock is required. Note that the lock does not mount to the Coach itself. It only takes about 30 minutes to install the lock when the awning is working properly.

You may be interested to know that a new model of the RV Awning Travel Lock has been developed to protect the electric A&E WeatherPro Patio Awning. Adaptor plates and brackets have also been developed to protect A&E and Carefree slide topper awnings, door and window awnings, and the A&E Two Step patio awning.
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