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Precision Frame & Alignment, Inc.Your home for RV suspension tuning and repair, alignment and framework

Many of our customers own RV's, trailers, or Motor coaches of all shapes and sizes. On average we see 275 to 300 Class A, B, C, fifth wheel and travel trailers in our shop each year.

While some are in for the usual tire replacement, suspension repairs, alignments, etc., more and more we are having customers ask us what can be done to make their rig drive better. Unlike many of our fellow RV suspension and repair shops, we refuse to throw parts at problems to make a buck. Our approach is to first understand what the owners expectation of the coaches driveability is and then correct the basics such as 4 corner weighing, setting tire pressure, ride height and lubrication. An amazing number of handling problems can be addressed through these simple and basic steps.

Once these basic items are addressed, often the owners want to understand what additional improvement can be made. The fact of the matter is, there are things above and beyond proper tire inflation, weight distribution, lubrication, and alignment that an RV owner has control of. There are a number of aftermarket suspension enhancements that can make all the difference in the world during normal travel and emergency maneuvering.

All too often we see RV owners who love every aspect of their rig, but have resigned themselves to think the ride is as good as it gets; after all, it's not passenger vehicle! Most of our customers would not say their rig drives poorly at all! It's those owners we are excited to work with. We know they will be amazed at how much better their rig can ride.

The first step down the road to better handling and performance of your motorcoach is the Road Performance Assessment (RPA).

Another piece to the puzzle is to "pair up" our enhancements. Installing one enhancement to address the side-to-side roll when entering a driveway or approach into a fuel stop, may eliminate one symptom but sacrifice ride quality. We will recommend installing the "mate" to the first enhancement to return the the ride quality.

Stop by our shop and give us the opportunity to work with you and your co-pilot to enrich your RV experience. We are a family owned and operated business whose goal is complete customer satisfaction. The products we handle and recommend have been thoroughly tested and proven by the Henderson's Line-Up Team and our owner. All our employees attend training seminars to stay up-to-date on the latest in RV technologies and safety issues.

We appreciate your interest in us, and look forward to providing you with a safer and happier RV experience.
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