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Add more Style to your RV lifestyle!

This is a smart alternative to overnight RV parking. Stay in hundreds of beautiful locations all over North America for one low price of $49 a year.

Enjoy FREE overnight RV parking at quality golf courses and RV Resorts all over North America! You DON'T have to be a golfer to be a member of RV Golf Club. Enjoy the tranquility and beauty of these wonderful golf courses. RV Golf Club (RVGC) has assembled hundreds of top courses around the U.S. and Canada that are RV friendly. And to show how excited the golf courses are to have you stay overnight, most properties are offering discounts on golf, food & beverages, shopping and services.

The free parking is wonderful and the discounts are attractive however, the real pleasure comes from:

* Friendly service
* Gorgeous landscaping
* It’s a quiet sanctuary
* They treat you like a member
* The private, exclusive environment
* Golf courses are in terrific locations
* Not squeezed in between lots of other RV’s
* The convenience of being able to walk to golf, shopping, dining and other services

Another great bonus is: we have several high-end RV Resorts that invite the RVGC members to stay two nights with free hookups (some offer 50% off). RVGC knows that many RV’ers are seeking a summer and/or a winter RV home. So this gives our members a logical, no pressure way to get to know these properties before possibly making a buying decision or before committing for longer stays or booking for next season.

There is another aspect you will find appealing - Hotel Golf Resorts. Imagine having access to several pools, restaurants, entertainment, tennis courts, fitness centers and health spas, park FREE in your RV and be treated just like the guests who are spending hundreds per night for a room. Wow, this RVGC idea is pretty brilliant!

Maybe the most enjoyable part is, it’s only $49 a year for a Membership . I mean, that’s not even worth worrying about. Use it one or two nights, it pays for itself and the rest of the year your RV stays are free, or $245 for a Lifetime membership

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“The thing I like most about RV Golf Club is you can save $30 to $60 a night on RV parking. I would use that money to have dinner in the clubhouse so it’s like I enjoy a free meal every night.”
Doug Dulac, Las Vegas, NV

“I’m an RV owner and a golfer and now I have the time to get out and see this great country, play great courses and enjoy some wonderful meals on my schedule so RV Golf Club is a game changer for me. Let the traveling begin”
Jim Fassel - Former Head Coach NY Giants

As new members of the RV Golf Club, my wife Phyllis and I want to thank you for creating a unique concept for those of us RV’ers who still enjoy knocking the little white ball around. We think it is great that the golf resort community nationally seems to be getting on board. It is gratifying seeing all the new courses signing on every week. We look forward to our first venture this summer utilizing the RVGC benefits. Great job!!!
Rick White- VP Entertainment
The LVH – Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

“We raised five wonderful kids, so the next chapter in this book called Life is for my wife and I to do some traveling. The first thing we did was join RV Golf Club. Then we bought a new RV. I’m real excited about golfing, fishing and RV’ing. My wife doesn’t golf or fish so RV Golf Club makes a lot of sense for us because she can enjoy the beautiful surroundings at the golf courses to read and relax.”
Jim & Maryanne Gorham
Vista, Ca



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