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AMANA, IA 52203
The Amana Colonies have been a landmark on the Iowa prairie for over 150 years - reminding us of a simpler time. A time we often yearn for in today's rush of corporate ladder climbing and the endless pursuit of discount shopping.

The name Amana means to "remain faithful". We have, in many ways, remained faithful to our communal culture; historical buildings have been preserved; the Amana Church remains active; the traditions of quality products are alive in the Colonies. You will not see discount stores or chain restaurants; you will not see large retailers. Even our convenience store was built to respect the architectural traditions of the Colonies.

What will you see in the Amana Colonies? Historical buildings dating to the mid-1850's, made of local materials...wood, sandstone, locally fired brick and limestone. You will discover an amalgamation of architectural styles, coupling traditional German craftsmanship and the straight lines and details of Colonial America. You will see three board wooden fences, fruit trees and gardens. The smokestack of the woolen mill stands stark against the rising sun; the blossoms of the Lily Lake sway gently in the summer breeze.

Certainly there have been changes in the Colonies, fewer gardens, less trees, a new business here and there. But the spirit of communal Amana is reflected in the grape trellis standing sentinel against the side of a home or in the faded, wooden weather vane atop a centuries old barn. The spirit of communal Amana is alive in the hint of German accent you might catch on the street. The Amana Colonies are a place where you can handcraft your experience ... a place as unique as you ... a place where the best treasures are searched for. The Amana Colonies are not just another cookie-cutter getaway; stop-in, stay for awhile, escape the ordinary.

We think you'll like it.
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