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Keep pets safe from heat stroke with the Nimble Pet Temperature Monitor. Exclusive $30 off the temperature alarm for FMCA members. Use coupon code FMCA30 at checkout. The Pet Temperature monitor measures the ambient temperature inside your RV, motor home or car to ensure your pet's safety while you’re away. With the RV PetSafety app, you get temperature updates on your cell phone in real time and also get alerts via text messages or emails when the temperature becomes dangerous for your pets.

The device comes with battery backup that can run on a single charge for 1-2 days. Dependable even during power outages, it helps you stay connected with your pet’s safety always.

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Features include:
- Automated Text/Email Alert when temperature exceeds permissible level
- Re-chargeable battery operated
- Built-in GPS for tracking your RV’s location
- Start and stop your service at any time
- Sends emails and texts using the Verizon cellular network
- Android and iOS application for remote monitoring

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