Caravanas De Mexico

Caravanas De Mexico

Phone 604-852-1342
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Contact: Paul Beddows
Av. Xochicalco 3
Xochicalco, MOR 62805
Caravanas de Mexico is a registered Tour & Caravan company specializing in longer RV tours for those who want time to relax at the destinations, rather than being on the road every second day. We specialize in Copper Canyon and Mexico's West Coast with caravans of 45 to 90 days in length, providing week long beach stays, Colonial Cities, and our fabulous all-inclusive trip to Copper Canyon, including hotels, transport, entertainment & tours. Our caravans are the best deal on the market for the Mexican Mainland, costing less than $100 per day for our caravans over 45 days in length. We will arrange shorter trips to Copper Canyon, if the demand is there. We also offer tours of Copper Canyon for those willing to drive themselves to El Fuerte.

Our company has more than 25 years experience in Mexican tourism and we also arrange bus tours within Mexico, in addition to RV Caravans. We only deal with Mexico, and Mexico is what we know. Our head office is in Mexico, allowing us to organize locally and with less overhead. The savings are passed on to you, our customer, in the form of lower prices. We handle all our own tours and can deal with English, Spanish or French.

FMCA members get a $200 discount on tours longer than 45 days, $100 on shorter tours. (per rig)

We try to run 3 caravans per year. Our long term "signature trip" of 65-85 days runs in the spring and, if interest is there, 2 shorter ones of about 45 days each, in Spring & Fall will be scheduled. The longer trip is our specialty and features much lengthier stays at desirable destinations. We travel as far south as the Manzanillo area with our longer trip. We can handle virtually any size rig. We only service the mainland. Our partners at Baja Amigos handle the Baja. All our trips include Copper Canyon, hotels, many meals, all RV Park fees and at least 7 full day tours, usually more on the longer trips. Our caravans generally depart from Nogales, Az. (2013/2014 Season) (2014/2015 Season)

Call our US/Canada rep, Paul, at 604-852-1342 or email



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