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TIPTEMP offers solutions that monitor and guard temperature sensitive products, environments and family pets. Our products send out alert phone calls, text messages, emails or flashing lights when unfavorable conditions exist.

TIPTEMP is a woman owned and veteran owned, private company located in Southern New Jersey. Its official name is TIP Industries, Inc. and is registered to do business as: TIP TEMPerature Products. We provide total customer solutions by determining the requirements of each client and implement them using our wide range of thermal equipment. Our knowledgeable staff offers valuable insight and assists the client with training and technical support for the equipment they purchase.

TIP TEMPerature is an organization with widespread capabilities, established in 1997. We serve many industries including Public Utilities, HVAC, Telecommunications, Research, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, Transportation, Energy, Environmental, Life Sciences and Hospitals. TIPTEMP brings you the combined expertise of several key employees. Their combined 75 years of industry knowledge and experience help solve a variety of thermal applications. Our longevity in these industries assures you that we will be around to support thousands of products for decades to come.

From temperature alarms to temperature loggers, TIPTEMP puts all the tools at your command. We offer a complete line of sensors, alarms, controllers, recorders and related components.

Our products are in use at some of the most successful companies in the world. E.I. Dupont, NASA, Boeing, Universal Hospital Services, GE and Intel all have benefited by calling upon TIPTEMP to solve their thermal requirements.

We take customer service to the highest degree. In an age where self-service is the norm, we at TIP TEMPerature insist on working closely with our clients. The goal of our staff is to build lasting, personal relationships by offering quality products, exceptional one-on-one customer service and prompt delivery. Our job is not finished once you receive your order. Our follow up program insures that your purchase of equipment is functioning properly for the specified application. We provide unlimited technical support. You can be assured, when you deal with TIPTEMP, your order will be treated as "Our most important order", regardless of its size.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to understand the clients needs, offer cost effective solutions, and exceed the clients expectations. TIPTEMP is dedicated to continuously improving our processes and providing the highest degree of service, while meeting our profitability and growth objectives. TIPTEMP is committed to delivering great value to our customers. A great price is not a great value if you can't get expert support. Our niche is "delivering the right equipment for your application with excellent technical support and customer service at very competitive prices".

To learn more about our company and products, please call 1-800-TIP-TEMP (800-847-8367) ask for Daniel Farnan - General Manager x105


My husband & I are artists & on our 2nd R.V.and have traveled over 120,000 miles in 4 1/2 years with now a 13 year old Maltese,& a 15 1/2 year old Yorkie. In July 07 we were dry camping by an art show in Long Beach Island N.J.,our generator had quit, consequently our A/C had stopped. Thank God we quickly had returned to the R.V. because of a rain storm. Since that episode we have been concerned about the temperature in the R.V. Frantically I searched at camping stores & on the internet, with no luck. A customer heard my story and also searched and found a company TIPTEMP It had a temperature alarm that works with a cell phone & would call another cell phone. It can be set up to either rising temp or lowering temp. Also you can call that phone at any time & check what temp it is in the R.V.. We had set it for 84 degrees. It will then call your cell phone that there is an emergency temp alert and give you the current temperature and then keep calling every 10 minutes until it is reset by pushing the #-key. While doing the Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach in Sept. the alarm called. Unfortunately I was not parked close by so I had to take a taxi back to the R.V. campground. The A/C unit had quit at 1pm . It was up to 89 degrees in the 30 minutes it took me to get back to the R.V. My elderly dogs would have been dead if the alarm hadn't called me. I would not had returned to the R.V. till 7:30 pm. I thank God that I have a TIPTEMP. I wouldn't travel with my beloved pets with out it ! Bev & Ken Wilson Delray Beach Fl

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