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Diamond Shield has been in the paint protection business for over 10 years. Our company designs, manufactures and installs paint protection for any type of vehicle, such as motorhomes, RV's, cars, trucks, race cars, motorcycles and boats.

Diamond Shield is in the business of paint protection which has become increasingly popular in the recreational vehicle and auto industry. Our main objective is protecting areas of automotive type finishes that are most vulnerable to damage caused by stone chips, bug acids, road debris and weathering.

Diamond Shield uses 8 mil pressure sensitive urethane films with an adhesive system designed for the new generation of automotive clear coats and other typical OEM finishes. Our film is optically clear with a high gloss finish designed for use as a protective film in Automotive, RV, Marine and Architectural markets. Our kits are designed with minimal relief cuts, if any, and minimal visible seams, in most cases.

Diamond Shield was the first in the industry to use a 30" format while competitors used a 24" format. The larger format is what allows us to design the best fitting kits in the industry and we will continue to improve our kits by going to a 48" format where required.

Diamond Shield is the only installer of paint protection film to wrap edges around the generator and hood doors. Side coverage goes to front cap moldings on most models.

Appearance: Diamond Shield keeps shining through for years. Factory installations assure NO paint damage to the protected area during delivery from the manufacturer to the dealership.

Excellent Fitting Designs: Diamond Shield continually improves their designs for the best fit in the market. Few, if any relief cuts are required.

Professional Installations: Diamond Shield is applied by factory certified installers only.

Guaranteed Service: Diamond Shield ID Badges are placed on every job we do. The ID Badge comes with our toll free number for customer service.

Warranty: Diamond Shield comes with a limited warranty against peeling, cracking, shrinking and a repair warranty should paint damage occur on the protected area.

Diamond Shield is an 8mil pressure sensitive urethane film which contains UV inhibitors which resist yellowing.

Diamond Shield Paint Protection Film is designed to preserve the beauty of ALL exterior auto type finishes.

Diamond Shield eliminates paint chips and damage caused by stone chips, bug acids, road debris and weathering. Installation of Diamond Shield on your vehicle at the factory WILL prevent any damage caused in transportation from the factory to the dealership...and for years to come!

Diamond Shields exclusive system wraps edges on the hood, generator doors and their compartments. No snaps, nuts or fasteners, No holes need to be drilled into your investment. There is no wind noise, no paint chaffing and no special care is needed, just wash and polish the way you always have.

Diamond Shield will help your investment retain its value and will save time and money in reconditioning costs while allowing the color brilliance to shine through.

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