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Whether you like to rough it in a tent or experience all the great outdoors has to offer from the comfort of your RV or camper, the BigFoot Gear Bag is the answer to an outing free of clutter.

For the weekend or week-long trip, the BigFoot Gear Bag provides convenient storage for all of your camping gear such as tents, stoves, clothes, food, toys, backpacks, sleeping bags, games, radios, flashlights, emergency equipment and more. Your camping gear can be neatly tucked away in your vehicle, tent or RV or you can hang it in your garage or storage facility when not in use. Best of all, the bag opens flat for easy loading and can also work as a ground cloth or a tarp. With this multi-functionality, the BigFoot Gear Bag stands out as a simple, cost-effective solution for managing the equipment and clutter that plagues every outdoor enthusiast.

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