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The RVFogDr says.... When you've finished driving for the day- and look out your windows....

Do you see:

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- Grey Streaks, smudges or lines?

- Discoloration?

- Cloudy, fogged or foggy windows?

- Having trouble seeing out at all?

You may be the victim of seal damage - or moisture intrusion.

Factory fresh windows are sealed- and discoloration is prevented by the presence of a waterproof seal between the panes. If you see any of the above issues, you may be subject to a loss of seal protection, and possibly have become the victim of premature discoloration and/or window fogging.

This condition is both unsightly and dangerous. Complete window replacement is expensive- and unnecessary. Save yourself big $$$ - get a better warranty - a full two years - call or email the RV Fog Doctor for complete details on how to cure these problems. We're conveniently located in the middle of the country- on your way to most anywhere.... Call and make an appointment today- We'll treat you right.

We also do collision and paint repair, windshield replacement and repair, roof recoating and re-caulking, headlamp restoration, residential frig installation and installation of all types of towing equipment.

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