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David Tortora is a bicycle enthusiast who operates a Brompton Foldup Bicycle business in the summers. His years of experience allow him the ability to quickly match riders to bikes with an adaptive inventory that services a range of cycling needs and preferences.

A decade ago while in London, I saw my first folding bike. It was a Brompton. At the time, I had no idea that I was looking at the best, hand made, folding bike in the world. After I noticed the first Brompton, I began to see them all over London. In just a few days I was hooked on this incredible bike. I actually interviewed many of the riders, and they told me that this bike was their primary means of transportation. They use their Brompton for work, for fun and just about everything else. They ride their bike to the local train station, carry them on and when the train arrives at the main station, they continue their ride to work. What a fantastic utility! Before I returned to the US, I purchased my first Brompton.

Before long, I became a dealer. Just fold it, put it in your trunk and go. Simple! I still have the touring bike, the mountain bike and recumbent and the penny-farthing. However, I ride the Brompton. Its convenient and just a fun bike. Contact me and Ill tell you why.

Operating in the Indianapolis area, Accent Bicycles services Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Shipping options are also available regionally and nationally. Even if you're just curious about these amazing bikes, give David a call, and he can help you find the information you're looking for.

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