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The innovative new Disc-It grill is custom designed and offered to consumers by AFFIRMATIVE! Solutions, a family-owned and operated company in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Founded in 2005, AFFIRMATIVE! Solutions is a metal fabrication and steel service company providing top-notch custom plasma steel cutting solutions in addition to the unique Disc-It grill.

You may be wondering - where did the idea begin to mount a wok on top of a propane grill system? According to the inventor of the Disc-It grill, New Mexico outdoor enthusiasts, picnicking families and working cowboys have used old concave tractor plow discs as cooking surfaces for generations.

This obscure grilling method is particularly popular in the Southwest region of the United States and is routinely used by hunters and campers in place of a traditional barbeque grill.

The unusual concave shape of the plow disc strongly resembles the centuries-old Oriental wok cooking pot design, a beloved cooking method in homes around the world and a staple in any restaurant offering Asian cuisine. You can cook anything on a Disc-It grill that you can cook on a regular barbeque grill, stovetop or wok. From steaks and a full breakfast to stir fry and even popcorn, theres almost nothing you cant cook on a Disc-It grill.

Cowboys, campers, and everyday people have used plow discs for decades as cooking surfaces over campfires, but when did someone decide to fabricate a moveable grill using the disc and propane for a heat source? That is simple: Necessity dictated design.

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