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TracStar Systems, Inc. was founded in 1996 to address the mobile satellite communications industry. Located in Orlando, Florida, TracStar has been manufacturing state-of-the-art, low cost inertial stabilization and satellite tracking systems since March of 1999. Coming from industry leaders such as Andrew Corporation and Harris Corporation, the founding partners had extensive backgrounds in stabilized antenna systems and telecommunications products for consumer, commercial and government markets. Continuing into 2008, TracStar has manufactured and licensed technology for the manufacture of over 15,000 in-motion satellite TV antenna systems used primarily in the recreational vehicle marketplace.

Realizing a coming need for mobile VSAT technology for portable communications systems, TracStar along with a technology partner began the design and manufacture of Ku band vehicle mount satellite antenna systems. The Roto-Lok positioner proved to be an excellent stable design with the near zero backlash requirements a precision pedestal should have for the emerging Homeland Security, DoD and business grade market segments for which the product was targeted.

Using technology learned in the in-motion satellite TV industry, the TracStar Systems mobile VSAT antenna controller quickly established itself in the industry as the dependable, reliable, low cost, and most import easy to use system. The one-button technology to deploy the antenna set a new commercial standard others use as their benchmark of performance. Since the early introduction of the mobile VSAT product in 2002, TracStar controller systems have been used on nearly two dozen antenna types, operating anywhere in the world a Ku band satellite is available in the orbital arc.

From Homeland Security to mobile offices, to DoD applications in the Middle East, to hurricane recovery operations in the southeast, the TracStar system is known for performance when it is needed and where it is needed. Approximately 4,000 TracStar auto-acquire Ku-band VSAT Transmit/Receive antenna systems and/or Auto- Acquire antenna controllers are currently active worldwide in commercial, government and military markets.

In 2005, TracStar combined their in-motion TV antenna solution with the mobile VSAT antenna technology for a new emerging market. Satcom-on-the-Move, SOTM, was born. Initially providing broadband capability for DoD markets, SOTM creates new opportunities for markets in the Ku band arena using proven In-Motion technology. In September, 2005, TracStar was acquired by Cobham plc and joined the Cobham Antennas group. Now a part of the SatCom Strategic Business Unit of Cobham, TracStar continues to grow and develop products for the mobile TV, Ku, Ka and C Band markets.

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