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How could becoming AMSOIL distributors be a natural transition for an airline pilot and his wife? For George and Betty Jetton, it was simple... he had learned he could trust quality synthetic oils and lubricants. And since AMSOIL is the highest quality synthetic oil, it doesnt take much motivation for George to convince others to use the AMSOIL product line.

George Jetton was an airline pilot with 36 years experience. During that time he crossed the Atlantic more than 700 times. During each of those 700 trips, George trusted synthetic oil in those jet engines, and never had an engine failure. George learned to trust synthetic oils.

Becoming AMSOIL distributors was a natural for George and Betty. The trust he has in the AMSOIL synthetic oil and lubricants is apparent from the first time you talk with George. When you talk AMSOIL with George, you know he believes in his product and you will too before the conversation is over.

Since 1994, George and Betty have been successful AMSOIL distributors. As George states, "When you have the best product in the world you are proud to tell about it." Their AMSOIL business has grown by because of the attitude that "we are here to help." Contact George to discuss your oil and lubricant needs. Whether you are looking for a superior product for your personal car or fleet, want to retail AMSOIL or want to become a successful distributor, George and Betty Jetton can help you meet your needs. AMSOIL carries the best synthetic lubricants and filters.

Why Buy from AMSOIL DFW Direct Jobber?

A strong commitment to customer service and support have helped George Jetton enroll and support over 200 new AMSOIL dealers and over 200 new preferred customers. With 13 years experience in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, you simply cannot find a better AMSOIL dealer than George Jetton. From his first year award as Rookie Salesperson Of The Year, George has gone on to achieve AMSOIL's Balanced Business Award and the first Top In AMSOIL Award. But awards are not what he is about. He supports his dealers with product training, trade show support, and researching answers to AMSOIL questions... all to help you sell more AMSOIL! George is never too busy to help his preferred client, his dealers, or his commercial accounts. Call him at 800-687-1657 to help you get started with AMSOIL products.

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