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No wires or screws-ins on the top of the battery. No switches or timers. Simply add the liquid additive, Battery Equaliser, to each cell and let the product work while the vehicle is in normal use and being charged.

The Problem Sulfation
As soon as electrolyte is added to a new battery fresh off the assembly line, sulfation begins coating the lead plates. This causes internal resistance that lowers overall performance and, in a few years chokes out all electrical activity. Battery Equaliser is designed to mix with the battery's electrolyte solution to, stop shedding, dissolve existing sulfation, and prevent new deposits from forming. Treated batteries will charge faster and hold a charge longer.

The Solution Battery Equaliser
Battery Equaliser is recommended for treating new or used batteries, in working condition (no dead cells). With normal use, Battery Equaliser will alloy into the lead plates making all internal parts tougher and resistant to shedding and sulfation.

A car battery can be treated with as little as a half ounce per cell which would cost about $6.00 per battery. This is way less than the cost of a new battery and the best way to keep your battery in service twice as long.

Larger batteries require a little more, as directed, most 36 volt (700Ah) batteries require a minimum of 3.5oz per cell. The proper dose is determined by the amount of lead being treated. (See Usage Chart)

Example of Annual PM:
36 volt (700Ah - 850Ah) forklift battery.
3.5 oz per cell Cost $100.00
Battery Equaliser is as easy to apply as watering the battery. Benefits from Annual PM:

* Longer battery life
* Reduced charge time
* Longer run time
* Reduced operating costs; battery replacement, man-hours, utility bills

Battery Equaliser USA, LLC is the exclusive blender and distributor in the US and Canada. This product is non-flammable, non-corrosive and is NOT restricted by D.O.T.

"Battery Minder-Plus, the smart charger that will not overcharge.Desulphates as it charges. A charger, maintenance and conditioner. Can charge multiple batteries.

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